10+ Personal Statement Mẫu Hay Nên Đọc

Personal Statement mẫu được nhiều Bạn quan tâm vì vấn đề viết một bài tự luận hay giới thiệu bản thân sao cho thật hay thực sự khó. Việc tham khảo những bài mẫu Personal Statement hay giúp Bạn nhiều trong quá trình viết giới thiệu của chính mình. Dưới đây là bộ sưu tập Personal Statement mà Science Vietnam cung cấp cho Bạn.

Personal Statement Mẫu Hay nhiều lĩnh vực
Personal Statement Mẫu Hay nhiều lĩnh vực

Note: vui lòng chỉ tham khảo, không nên sao chép – điều này có thể làm ảnh hưởng đến kết quả của Bạn. Và cuối cùng, đây là những bài tổng hợp các mẫu Personal Statement hay theo từng chủ đề mà Science Vietnam gửi đến Bạn.

Accountancy and Finance

Bài 1: Accounting

Whether it is making financial investments or managing spending, accounting is something we do in our everyday lives; and you know that if you are spending more than what is coming in then it has not been managed well! I want to gain more understanding about the science of accounting and how it can benefit the economy. With my skills in Mathematics and my business acumen I know that Chartered Accountancy is the perfect career for me. Therefore studying Accounting and Finance will give me the perfect foundation on which to build my career.

I was selected to take part in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust mathematics challenge and I gained the bronze award. This made me realise that maths is not just about numbers but it involve logical reasoning and problem-solving. This led to my fascination for accounting as it is an application of Mathematics via business in a practical way. My chosen A levels have undoubtedly enriched my interest and knowledge to study this course. Mathematics A Level has taught me that there are various ways of solving a problem and this is important to adapt to different situations to make an informed decision. I am now confident in using summary statistics to analyse risks and summarise financial data. Studying Business Studies at A level has helped me to understand how businesses work and how finance departments operate within a business. Studying financial ratios has been useful to decipher the deeper meaning of business accounts and it really fascinates me how much valuable information you can gain from basic figures. As well as this I have improved my analytical skills through analysing case studies e.g for Scott Electronics I had to analyse their financial performance; this enabled me to link ratios to potential future investments the business could do. Additionally, in Psychology A level analysing quantitative data and using data to back theories has strengthened my ability to use these skills in my further studies. Throughout my studies I have come across Maslow’s Hierarchy which made me understand the psychological state employees have to be in, in order to increase productivity in the workplace.

I enjoy reading business articles from the Guardian, this keeps me informed on current affairs in the world. I recently read that GDP has gone down which means that businesses need to be wary about investing, as it will affect their monetary funds. I have attended a conference run by Pricewaterhouesecopper, this played a key part in my interest for accountancy as they touched upon different areas such as strategic planning, and audit, and how you can travel and meet different clients. Talking to current accountancy students has shown how exciting and interesting the course is, especially the business law module which looks at the legal impacts of business decisions. I have completed an Open Learn course on ‘Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting’ where I learnt the importance of keeping accounting records.

My work experience at Interserve Healthcare included delivering presentation and running the virtual branch. I acted as the manager which gave me an insight to handling responsibility and communicating well in a stressful and pressured environment. Additionally, at Custom Pack I gained more knowledge about how different departments work together and by shadowing an Accountant I learnt how to review capital transactions. This gave me an insight into what a typical day is like for a chartered accountant – even though no two days are the same!

Overall I am enthusiastic and passionate about studying Accounting and Finance as I am highly motivated to become a Chartered Accountant. I know that to be successful at university it includes hard work and dedication- both of which I have and I am ready to progress to the next level in my studies.

Bài 2: Accountancy and Finance

Numbers are a large part of life and are everywhere around us. I work with number a lot better than I can work with words. I am a person with eye for detail and am always looking at things thinking how money could be saved or could have been put to better use. I think by doing an accounting course I will be able to put my skills to use in a commercial field. There is always going to be businesses that need accountants so accountants are always in high demand and there is a great chance of finding a job compared to other fields

Accountants have a lot of responsibility. They usually have a say in major decisions, which means that they only have a lot of control over a company’s everyday operations. I think I strive when I am given responsibility as it makes me work harder knowing how much of an impact my work has which is why I think accounting is the path that will be the best for me .I could even become a top manager or start my own business using what I learned during my time as an accountant.

In my GCSEs I achieved grade A in both Mathematics and Statistics which shows how I’m good at subjects that revolve around numbers.
By being a waiter as a part time job I have responsibilities such as cashing up the till at the end of the day, ordering new supplies and coming up with prices of new items. By ordering new supplies I need to use my numerical skills to figure out if the demand will be busier or less by looking at things such as: weather, if there is school holidays or things like events near the restaurant. I need to make sure I order enough for the week but not over order and this will lose the business money and supplies will go to waste. By coming up with prices I need to think about how much the item will cost and if there will be a demand for it based on trial tests then price it according to that. I think by doing this I have put my numerical skills into practice in real life.

I completed the NCS programme last year; throughout this experience I was able to use my teamwork and leadership skills egg. Being the leader when hiking and using the map to guide my team. During NCS there was also a section where our team had to plan a campaign and pitch it like dragons den style. I was in the finance part of the team, making a plan of where exactly the money would go with the investment.
I want to go to university as it gives me the opportunity to earn a qualification that will allow me to apply for a wide range of jobs compared to having only A Levels. After University I would like to get a job as an Accountant, looking to work for ones of the top accountancy firms such as KPMG or PwC.


Bài 1: Civil and Architectural Engineering Personal Statement

Further study of the English language would fuel my interest and genuine curiosity of language and assist my reflection on the vital part it plays in society. When it comes to language so many do not stop to question, what? How? And why? When I start thinking about language and immerse myself in it, I truly appreciate the intricate complexities that appear when you start to unpick it.

I am fascinated by child language acquisition as this is something so different to what I have studied previously. Through guided reading and supporting younger students I have been able to observe different aged children and assess their reading abilities and the way in which they use language. Spending time in both Infant and secondary school environments made it possible to contrast how key stage one and three students read. This highlighted an alarming number of key stage three students with reading ages considerably lower than their chronological age. Leading me to wonder if a number parents rely on the national curriculum for the entire reading development of their children rather than introducing reading routines at the optimum age prior to entering the education system.

As a logically inclined individual ‘The Infinite Gift’ by Charles Yang inspired me, giving a scientific understanding of language acquisition and presenting the concept in a formulaic way. Yang explains how language acts as the pivotal reason why humanity is unique. Only humans acquire language, separating us from the rest of nature. Charles Darwin expressed that “Man has an instinctive tendency to speak, as we see in the babble of young children, whilst no child has an instinctive tendency to bake, brew or write.” This further expands the idea of language being encoded in our biology and Chomsky’s revolutionary linguistic theory of innateness.

Out of school I train in contemporary dance and recently took part in the Commonwealth Dance Festival in Glasgow where I was able to work with artists from around the world. Interestingly the majority of dancers spoke English, a language described as ‘Language of opportunity’. This makes me feel both privileged and embarrassed as here in Britain, literacy is something most take for granted. The English language undeniably creates a sense of global unity, although there is evidence that the rapid increase of English speakers results in an extinction of community languages. We should be questioning whether the advancements of English are worth the loss of traditional languages.

I am a dedicated individual who has always been involved with music and dance including; mentoring, playing with ensembles and orchestras and performing at every opportunity. Having recently achieved my grade seven flute, I am proud of the technicality, creativity and resilience I have acquired in my ten years of learning an instrument. My commitment has been recognised by school through numerous house awards for attendance, role model and most outstanding female. In addition I have been awarded by the parish council for my musical and dance achievements and involvement in the local community.

Organisation and responsibility is something I pride myself in, being head of both prom and sixth form ball committees has allowed me to delegate roles in and work collaboratively at a range of fundraising tasks. I have held a range of positions within school for example; dance ambassador, music concerts manager and currently house captain. These roles have involved my work closely with teachers and representing the school. Participating in the National Citizen Service programme allowed me to work with variety of people on projects to improve the local community. I took part in a high achievers’ mentoring programme with Price Waterhouse Coopers that involved a group presentation to panel of professionals in an industry environment.

To me it seems obvious to explore the ability to communicate and the way we do so. Language is always evolving, it will always be relevant and there will always be something new, something interesting to discover.

Bài 2: Architecture Personal Statement

From a young age, I knew that I would pursue a career in design. Whether it was creating and designing my flawless dream car or producing my own handcrafted mechanical paper guns; scissors, a roll of cello-tape, and a set of colouring pencils were the main tools that never left my hands. However, it was only until recently that I decided to guide my career path in the direction of Architecture.

Having completed a work experience placement at McCready Architects, one of Northern Ireland’s leading architectural practices, I acquired vital knowledge and experience of what its really like to work as a professional Architect. In the office, I was given the opportunity to use ArchiCAD, a specialist CAD package used to produce 3-dimensional sketches of structures and buildings. This was the highlight of my work experience as I was able to apply the CAD skills I gained from my A-Level Technology and Design course, and put them into practice. I learnt that there is a lot more to being an Architect than just design. Overall, this was a great opportunity as it highlighted to me the practical side, as well as the technical side of the profession, and gave me an insight into the life of an Architect.

My interest in Architecture became focused last year when I went on a weekend trip to London. Here, I was given to chance to observe and appreciate the outstanding, beautiful structures and buildings that the city had to offer. Canary Wharf, was the most thrilling part of the trip for me. Its modern, futuristic style opened my eyes to the skill and craftsmanship behind the jaw-dropping structures and buildings the area had to offer.

The modern side of Architecture especially appeals to me, however, this trip also gave me a chance to admire many of the historical monuments and landmarks such as Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral. Seeing the difference between the styles in the various parts of the city sparked something within me, a desire to pursue a career in Architecture. As well as studying for my A-levels, it is important to me to have a good balance between working hard in school and other extra-curricular activities. One of my favourite things to do in my spare time would definitely be playing the drums.

As well as playing along to my favourite bands, I am presently working towards gaining my grade 8 qualification. I have had the opportunity to play at many recitals for the Lisburn School of Music, and an Open Day for my school. Playing in a band with other members is quite a challenge but helps me display my coordination skills and work effectively with other band members to put on a top performance. I would also consider myself quite an active person as I play hockey for my school’s 1st XI. Playing hockey not only keeps me fit, but has also helped me gain and improve my communication and team-working skills which are important attributes needed on and off the pitch. Being in the sixth form and realising that it is important to set a good example, I put myself forward and was elected as a school Prefect. This gives me the responsibility to look out for the younger pupils so they can see me as a figure they can look up to. These are key qualities that would serve me well for this course.

I would love to pursue a career in Architecture because it will allow me to bring together all of my strengths; determination and a growth mindset, enthusiasm and a positive attitude, creativity and a fascination for the field of art. Studying Architecture is a prospect that I am looking forward to and I am very excited for the wide array of career opportunities that this course will offer me. My dream is to be behind a structure or design that people will one day stop to admire.


Bài 1: Biomedical Science Personal Statement

Since studying science at primary school level, I have been compelled by the complex and dynamic nature of the human body and the functions of all its subsystems. In addition to the theoretical facets of science, I have thoroughly enjoyed the practical aspect throughout my academic career. This has driven me to study science at a higher level.

I was recently given the opportunity to spend two weeks at UCL Hospital, observing surgeries and shadowing doctors on their daily shifts. Witnessing appendectomy procedures, the removal of varicose veins and atherosclerosis operations expanded my interest in human anatomy and physiology, introducing me to new skills and knowledge. Comparing normal saphenous veins to those of a patient suffering deep vein thrombosis or varicose veins taught me the importance of every blood vessel in the function of the mammalian body. The way organisms react to various pathogens and medicines or drugs interests me, encouraging me to want to explore developmental biology in depth.

Furthermore, observing at the UCH Macmillan Centre exposed me to the role of oncologists in providing post-operative care to cancer patients. This experience also allowed me to understand the prevalence and biology of cancer in our society today; a key area of Biomedical science. Due to this, cellular and molecular biology have become aspects of Biomedical Science that I am excited to delve deeper into. I attended a Multidisciplinary Team Meeting where pathologists and surgeons discussed the treatment options of 50 breast cancer patients. This interesting exposure demonstrated the importance of the teamwork, social and leadership skills required for this type of career, motivating me to take on the role of Assistant Head of the Student Leadership Team in my school.

Studying A-Level Biology and Chemistry have enhanced and developed my interest in human anatomy and physiology, as well as complex metabolic processes such as respiration and have also given me an insight on cellular pathology. Inspired to complete a science project in my school on the effect of recreational drugs on the human body and mind, I explored the compound 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Comparing the psychoactive effects of cannabis to the naturally occurring “bliss” molecule Anandamide, I discovered the many similarities between the two compounds. This aided me in increasing my knowledge of the mechanisms of drug action alongside my A-Level courses, further encouraging me to study Biomedical Science.

As a part of the Biomedical science profession, communicating with patients and clients with different backgrounds is essential, due to the fact that the UK has become very diverse, with different languages being spoken. Mastering my native language as well as being fluent in English has enabled me to cooperatively assist in Arabic lessons at a local primary school, with the ability to teach children up to the age of 12 the basics of the language. It has also enabled me to improve my communication skills as managing young children requires a high level of leadership, order and patience. I also trained with the Metropolitan Police Cadets for a year during 2013, which has allowed me to enhance my level of self-discipline and control, qualities that are crucial when going into any line of work or higher education. Currently, I read the online Medical News Today forum, through which I keep up to date on current medical affairs and apply my current knowledge on mammalian physiology, drug action and cellular biology.

I am confident that my academic knowledge, along with my skills and expertise gained from various experiences, will make me succeed in the esteemed profession of Biomedical Science.

Bài 2: Biology Personal Statement

Biology, to me, is the most fascinating of all the sciences. The fact that biological sciences are ever changing and are constantly adapting to new discoveries really motivates me to study in this area. I would say that my interest in this subject originates from my family. My mother is a triplet and so as a child I was always intrigued as to why all my aunties looked identical. This interest has stemmed all through my life. As well as this my mother and both her sisters went on to complete degrees in biology so I would say that biology has always been a part of my life. In order to understand how biology can transfer from the classroom to the real world I completed a week’s work experience at the pathology department at Warrington Hospital. Within the department I was able to do some administrative work as well as observe trained pathologists collect and test samples. I witnessed the true complexity and accuracy at which these tests are carried out. I realised how integral biology is to human health and medicine which has inspired me to research further into this subject; particularly about how malaria is detected within samples and then treated.

Throughout my school life I was able to volunteer in particular events to help out within the school community. These include volunteering as a prefect to supervise younger students which taught me leadership and communication skills which were necessary in order to succeed in this authoritative role. I also have completed the language leader’s qualification. This required me to perform three French lessons to year seven pupils. As this involved public speaking I managed to build my confidence and I now feel comfortable presenting in front of others as a result of this. Also I developed my teamwork skills as I had to organise a language event one afternoon. As well as this I volunteered to help on the year 6 transition day.

Recently, I attended a biology field course to Wales. This gave me real experience of carrying out ecological tests which are an important part of biology. This certainly helped to further spark my enthusiasm for biology in a way that would not be possible in a classroom environment. I also learnt skills like how to write a report which I feel will be vital going forward into a degree course. I believe that this experience has not only assisted me in my A-Level studies but will also aid my work in the future at university because from my research I discovered that conservation and ecology topics contribute a lot to many courses.

Currently I am studying Biology, Geography and Chemistry. In Chemistry I have developed my ability to work with others as many times during experiments teamwork was vital to the success of the practical. This will help me to complete other biological experiments throughout my career. Chemistry also helped me to strengthen my mathematical skills which will support me in other scientific subjects as mathematics is becoming more intrinsic to the A-Level Biology course. Similarly, whilst studying Geography I have completed coursework which has bolstered my essay writing technique and this skill will be invaluable to me going into the future. Obviously Biology is the most vital for this course but is has also, unlocked within me, a keen interest in particular in biochemical aspects of biology like photosynthesis and protein synthesis.

In conclusion, I accredit my academic achievements to my hardworking and persevering nature; while being motivated by challenges. This is evidenced by the award I received in 2017 for outstanding endeavour in year 12. I find the prospect of creating new experiences which will, in turn, benefit both my academic and personal life enthralling. Therefore, I believe that a degree in Biology would be the perfect foundation for a career as a research scientist.

Business Studies

Bài 1: Business and Management (Marketing) Personal Statement

Living in London, which is ranked as the number one city for business, innovation and culture, exposes me to the world of economics and business on a daily basis. It was a lecture from the NBCUniversal Vice President of Digital Marketing, Neil Wirasinha, that first opened my eyes to marketing and its potential. His lecture described the various marketing techniques used to promote the film Fast and Furious 7 and I was fascinated to learn about the interplay between traditional forms of marketing and newer digital marketing techniques, and how these overarching strands of the global campaign were realised for individual countries and audiences. I think it would have been exciting to work on this campaign which aided the film to break several box office records and go on to take $1.5 billion worldwide. I hope that one day I will be able to say I worked on such an inspiring campaign and that my marketing ideas could have the sort of influence and impact that would lead to such incredible success.

I currently study A-Levels in Media, Film Studies and English Language. I believe these have taught me many transferable skills as well as providing me with a strong understanding of marketing principles. In Media Studies, I have learnt about marketing strategies used by key media industries and have developed my own marketing campaign to accompany my practical production of a film trailer/music video. In FIlm Studies I have learnt about a variety of marketing strategies used in the film industry from utilising digital technologies for viral campaigns to how marketing can help British film survive in the shadow of Hollywood to how marketing can be used to help create success for foreign films. English Language has taught me about the power of words and has helped hone my ability to use language in a clear and effective manner, which is useful in order to create successful marketing campaigns that appeal to the target audience. All three subjects have helped develop my analytical and critical thinking skills as they allow me to analyse and understand the construction and influence of a variety of different media products and texts.

I was very pleased to win a place on my school’s Media Academy programme. This has benefitted me greatly and led to some fantastic opportunities, including a six-week paid internship at Global Blue Inc which is a tourism shopping magazine company. Through this internship I gained knowledge and experience of the world of work and gained a great insight into marketing and the importance of brands. During the internship I was tasked with researching different fashion brands from all over Europe and Asia, making phone calls to potential clients abroad and setting up schedules for my group. This helped develop my networking and organisational skills which I feel will be beneficial at university. I also volunteered at the Hunter Fashion Show during London Fashion Week which helped polish my leadership and communication skills. As this was a live event these skills were critical in order to ensure the smooth running of the event. Fortunately I remained calm under pressure and was thrilled to be able to contribute to the success of the show.

I am a conscientious, hardworking young person who is reliable and eager to learn new skills. I enjoy working in a fast paced environment and always bring a positive energy to the team. I can work well independently or as part of a larger team. In my spare time I love to play sports and watch films and documentaries. I have a real interest in marketing, as evidenced by the fact I have already gained two marketing work placements. I look forward to furthering my knowledge and passion of marketing by undertaking a degree in the subject. I am also looking forward to experiencing all the opportunities university life has to offer. As Cesare Pavese said, “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” I just hope to have many of these ‘moments’ myself during my time at university.


Bài 1: Chemistry Personal Statement

At age eight, my interest in chemistry books caught my teacher’s attention which led him to contact the local grammar school, allowing me once a week to join in the GCSE Chemistry lessons and carry out practical work – an opportunity I’ve been grateful for. Seeing reactions first hand from the synthesis of nylon, to the colours of transition metals in their various oxidation states left me craving for more. These experiences led me to use chemistry sets to carry out my own experiments for fun. My interest had recently taken me to a university taster day as well as competing in the regional 2014 Chemistry Salters’ Challenge, where my leadership and knowledge led my team to first and second place in two separate challenges.

Learning about the many topics and concepts of chemistry engages me and leaves me wanting to know the reasons and mechanisms behind them. A particular topic I’ve found interesting is retrosynthetic analysis: working backwards from complex organic molecules and breaking them down into simple precursors and steps. This is something I find amazing as it’s a subtle reminder that even the most complex molecules can have simple beginnings. Recently having read online that a chemist documented his synthesis of Daraprim from ordinary household materials with this technique was an inspiration to me and for that reason, I would love to obtain more knowledge of chemistry in general, but also learn more about organic chemistry and novel synthesis.

I am particularly interested in the mathematical aspects of chemistry. It is hard not to admire beauty in the language of science: from proofs to complex numbers, A-level Maths has magnified my love for science. Computer Science has not only taught me how to code and solve problems logically, which would be important skills in a future scientific career, but it also has given me another perspective from which to look at chemistry. We are already seeing jobs being replaced by computers because of their efficiency and chemistry is no exception. Seeing computational chemistry in action on a university open day, the code and the calculations being displayed in real time showed me a combination of my interests. I would therefore like to learn and develop the required knowledge of theoretical or computational chemistry for this area as it will have a strong foothold in the future of the subject.

I have wanted to become a chemist involved in research and as such, I have experienced work at Systagenix, a biomedical research company. There, I assisted people in the laboratory and saw their work such as carrying out absorption tests and preparing agar samples with pathogenic bacteria. Seeing laboratory work done in a professional setting has opened my eyes and further developed skills required in the laboratory such as critical thinking. Alongside the skills I would develop in the final year of the degree, these experiences will be invaluable in a career in academic or industrial chemical research.

Wanting to give back to the community of which I am a part, I’ve volunteered at Oxfam and the BHF for 18 months in total, thus showing I am a reliable person and this has helped me develop communication skills. Having achieved a merit in Grade 7 Piano alongside volunteering and maintaining a high academic record shows that I can deal with high workloads and manage time effectively. I am looking forward to being accepted onto a Chemistry undergraduate programme to learn more about this vast subject and to join and interact with the scientific community. It has been a dream to contribute to our grand but incomplete knowledge of science.

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